Enterprise Resource Management

Upload Packing list

One can upload packing list which is complex in nature with multiple items and sub items, listed on it.

Create Milestones

One can create several milestones on which they wish to track the cargo, be it dismantling stage or loading on vessel stage.

Event Dates

Here we now provide dates on which the event will be triggered, thus we are in a position to follow up on the various milestone at every given stage on behalf of the client.


We then allot barcodes for the cargo and upload the data into ERP. A core shipment number is then allocated to the packing list and barcodes get allocated.

Search Cargo

One is now able to establish what cargo lies within each barcode, thus making visibility of the cargo extremely easy.


One can open the physical barcode and have them pasted on each shipping item.

Color Codes

Colour codes can be maintained, for different types of items.

Track Cargo

We now have the cargo with barcodes, traceable through a simple smartphone application, that can help us track the cargo, at various milestones.