Transport Benchmark Calculator

Technology, indeed has changed the way business used to happen few years back and now.

For any project manager, getting the estimate of any project transportation cost is not only crucial but the first most essential step before thinking any further. Route alternatives and cost related to every alternative; it’s a tedious task to gather the estimate manually through transport companies.

We have, through our in depth understanding of the business, intricacies assessment , geographical intelligence and knowledge of the terrains and vehicles, designed and developed, a mechanism , wherein, the complete cost of transporting cargo with the best route as per the feasibility and nature of the goods, can be estimated in less than 2 minutes, by just feeding in origin, destination and packing list in the predefined format.

The cost is 99.8 % accurate with the market rate, as 100% is just a myth. The cost includes any other costs that would be incurred in the process including a route survey for terrains that are tough or doesn’t exist.

Here is the demo of how it works.