Edge & Advantage

Our Advanced Cargo Management System is packed with the power of Barcoding Technology and modern smartphone based application management .

Our CMS app,

  • Can be used on any normal smartphone
  • Can help us see the classified and sub classified cargo list
  • Can take live pictures of cargo and their location while they move and at the project site.

The use of barcoding, together with conventional colour coding, makes easy identification while movement of cargo, be it complex machineries, set of pipes and connectors or nut and bolts.

In Large Supply Chain Operations, it is of prime importance to ensure, all cargo is picked up and brought to site, on schedule, without any losses. By merely uploading classified packing list in our state of the art built advance software tools, and manually allocating the milestones at which you would want to monitor the movement, your cargo is now safe and on time.